Environmental Policy Statement and Commitments

 Environmental Policy Statement and Commitments

In support of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's ("GCRTA") Mission, Vision and Values, the following environmental policy statement and commitments were developed to evolve best practices that serve GCRTA's value and vision to be a champion of sustainable transportation through environmental and sustainability management:

GCRTA is committed to protecting the environment as it provides public transit services to northeast Ohio. We will utilize sound business practices that measure and improve our environmental and sustainability performance through a formal Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS). The ESMS will be integrated throughout the Authority to create a healthier and more livable environment for the staff, customers and the community we serve. GCRTA will make the following environmental commitments:

  • Communicate and advance the use of environmental practices and strategic frameworks throughout GCRTA.
  • Comply with all applicable local, state, federal, and other environmental laws, regulations, standards and monitoring requirements.
  • Incorporating environmental responsibility into business operations by planning for environmental protection, reviewing and developing policies, providing resources, setting targets, and reviewing and auditing performance.
  • Prevention of pollution and conservation of resources, by reducing energy and water consumption, increasing reuse and recycling, and procuring sustainable products and technologies.
  • Establish an ESMS that will be documented, implemented, and maintained.
  • Commit to continual improvement by reviewing and enhancing GCRTA's ESMS program and environmental performance at appropriate intervals to meet objectives and support on-going performance excellence strategies.
  • Engage and empower the workforce and community through effectively communicating GCRTA's Environmental Policy Statement and Commitment.

This Policy applies to all employees, departments and functions throughout the Authority. Full participation by all staff is required in order to meet the commitments set forth in this policy. This Policy will be communicated to all persons, including contractors and vendors, working for or on behalf of GCRTA.

Adopted: December 17, 2019, Board Resolution No. 2019-123