Fare Collection Policy Changes


Effective immediately and until further notice, RTA is modifying the fare collection proof-of-payment process on HealthLine vehicles only.

During all days and all times, HealthLine fare inspection will be done by the Operator at the farebox on the vehicle.

To speed up the boarding process, please continue to use the ticket vending machines available on every platform to purchase and activate your fare media before boarding.

Then swipe all active tickets in the farebox on board the vehicle.

Transit Police officers may inspect fares at HealthLine stations.

Please have your valid fare ready for inspection upon boarding the HealthLine.

Over the next several days, this new method may slow down operations, but over time we expect to again be able to provide the most efficient service, without impairing on-time performance.

We apologize for any confusion as we incorporate this new process.

Thank you for riding RTA.

Routes Affected

No routes affected

Major Stations Affected