Effective: Apr 19, 2021 to Apr 29, 2021


Beginning Monday, April 19, 2021 - Friday, April 29. 2021, the #2 and #16 went on reroute due to railroad crossing repairs on Jennings Rd.

#2: East 79 (Steelyard Trips)
#16: East 55 (Steelyard Trips)
Regular route to Harvard and Harvard/Denison Bridge split, bear right across        
Harvard/Denison Bridge, right onto I-176 N/B, exit right-side at W 14 /Steelyard Dr., enter circle roundabout, right on I-176 S/B entrance ramp, bear right on Jennings Rd. Steelyard Dr. exit, left on Steelyard Dr. returning to regular route.
Northbound: Regular route to Steelyard Dr. and entrance ramp to 176 N/B, right on entrance
ramp to I-176 N/B, exit right-side at W 14 /Steelyard Dr. exit ramp, enter circle roundabout,  right on I-176 S/B entrance ramp, I-176 S/B, exit on Harvard/Denison, left on Harvard/Denison, cross Harvard/Denison Bridge returning to regular route.

RTA regrets any inconvenience to its customers during this time.


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