Transit Police

Mission Statement

The mission of the Greater Cleveland Regional Authority (GCRTA) Transit Police Department is to provide a safe and orderly environment within the transit system, to promote the confidence of the riding public, and to enhance the use of the entire system. 

Central to this is the protection of life and property through the prevention of crime and terrorism. 

The Transit Police will work in collaboration within the GCRTA and with our regional partners to respond and recover from man-made and natural disasters.

Letter from Acting Chief of Police, Michael Gettings


The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's (RTA) Transit Police Department was created on July 5, 1977.  Over the years we have expanded to become the fourth largest police department in Cuyahoga County with a staffing level of 128 full-time officers, 20 part-time officers, 9 dispatchers and 8 professional support employees.  All of our transit police officers are certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission and are authorized to enforce all city and state laws, as well as federal laws through participation in federally led drug, terrorism, and fugitive task forces.  Our jurisdiction is focused on the safety and security of our transit system.

In addition to our regular patrol officers, our eight canine teams roam our system along with plain clothes detectives to deter crime and terrorism.  Our security technicians install and maintain thousands of security cameras throughout our system at our train stations and platforms, transit centers and parking lots, and on our trains and buses, all of which provide an additional layer of security for the public. 

Our department's pledge to our riders is to provide a safe and orderly transit environment; protect life and property; and deter crime and terrorism throughout the transit system.  The men and women of the Transit Police Department carry out this mission by providing caring, first class service to our 35 million annual riders, around the clock, each and every day of the year. 

Transit police officers are proud of their record for community engagement through our highly successful KidWatch program which has reached thousands of children throughout the county at school events, safety fairs and other public events annually.   Kidwatch provides interaction with children at a tender age to develop safe riding habits and each child receives a personal identification card for use by parents in case of an emergency.

Thank you for riding the RTA.

If you need to contact the Transit Police Department, please call: 216-566-5163.

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