Facts about RTA's new trolley vehicles

 Facts about RTA's new trolley vehicles

Vehicle stats

  • Manufacturer: Gillig LLC, Hayward, California
  • Model: 35-foot Low-Floor Trolley. RTA's other trolleys are 30 feet.
  • Capacity: 42 passengers -- nearly 20 percent more than other trolleys in the fleet

Trolley background

  • Intoduced to Cleveland in April 2006
  • Ridership in 2006: 381,038
  • Ridership in 2015: 1,530,698
  • Average daily ridership: 6,000
  • Total ridership since introduction: 10,975,665
  • B and E Lines operate 7 a.m.-7p.m., Monday-Friday
  • Corporate/Civic partners provided for extended service in September 2012, adding the C and NineTwelve Lines to provide evening, weekend and special rush-hour service.
  • RTA unveils new trolleys

Who rides the trolleys?

  • Nearly half are under the age of 35
  • Nearly a third are Downtown residents
  • More than 70 percent have taken college-level classes
  • Nearly 75 percent ride the trolley at least a couple of times a week
  • Trolleys satisfy varying trip purposes
  • About one-third ride to work
  • 20 percent ride to school
  • 20 percent ride to lunch
  • 10 percent ride to shopping destinations

Trolley riders are safisfied customers, survey says

Trolley Ambassadors, 98 percent
Route/Stop Locations, 97 percent
Customer Communications, 95 percent
Overall Performance, 99 percent
Would you refer others? 99 percent said yes