Phase I Rehabilitation of Viaduct Bridge

Jul 1, 2021

Bridge rehabilitation of this 31 span, 3400-foot-long Cuyahoga Viaduct structure crossing over the flats and the Cuyahoga River will allow riders to continue to have a safe and smooth ride across the largest asset in the GCRTA inventory.  The almost 100-year-old structure will experience various phases of rehabilitation over the next 5 years to maintain safe use of the bridge into the next millennium.

Beginning Summer 2021 and finishing by the end of this year, Red Line riders heading west will be able to view construction activities of the Phase 1 project at the south end of the Viaduct bridge when crossing over the Cuyahoga River portion of this structure.

During this construction project, however, Red Line riders will be affected for only two weeks beginning July 25 through August 8, 2021.  A shutdown will require riders to utilize bus routes to make their destinations during this period.

The construction project will include the following bridge upgrades:

  • Replace the stone ballast on the non-track side in south end of the structure, spans 1-5 to allow free deck drainage
  • Paint portions of the steel structure above and below the deck at critical locations to preserve integrity of the bridge
  • Replace a 300-foot portion of railing along the east edge of the structure.
  • Clean-out the piped structure drainage system to keep components dry
  • Patch and seal deficient concrete foundation areas supporting the bridge

Here are some key takeaways for riders:

  • Riders are only affected on the Red Line west of Tower City during the 2-week shutdown, otherwise no change to their schedule. But pick up a new timetable, or check out the revised schedule here.
  • Riders during the 2-week shutdown wishing to travel WESTBOUND (to Airport) on the Red Line will now board 66R buses on W. Prospect at W. 3rd St. These buses will take riders to W. 25th-Ohio City station where they can continue west via train.
  • Riders wishing to travel EASTBOUND (from Airport) on the Red Line will exit the train at W. 25th-Ohio City station and catch the 66R bus to Tower City where they can resume their eastbound trip via rail.
  • Red Line heading east of Tower City, Blue and Green Line riders are unaffected during this construction project.

These upgrades will ensure longevity of our current Viaduct Bridge and enable safe reliable use.   We appreciate your patience during this project and thank you for continuing to ride RTA!