$7.5 million renovation planned at Brookpark station

As part of an on-going effort to upgrade Red Line stations, RTA officials are planning a $7.5 million renovation of the 33-year-old Brookpark station.

 $7.5 million renovation planned at Brookpark station

Mar 27, 2000

CLEVELAND -- As part of an on-going effort to upgrade Red Line rapid stations, officials of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) are planning a $7.5 million renovation of the 33-year-old Brookpark station on the Cleveland-Brook Park border. The station, at 18010 Brookpark Road, is near Hopkins International Airport.

The station will remain open throughout construction. About 75 percent of the station's 1,500 parking spots are used daily by riders from Lorain County, Medina County, Cleveland's West Side and Southwest suburbs.

Four RTA bus lines service the station, and about 1,900 passengers use the facility daily. The station was built in 1967.

"We are pleased to be a part of the continued upgrade of the Brookpark Road area," says John Goodworth, RTA Land Use and Design Manager. "We are going to make this station much more attractive and user-friendly."

Tentative timetable:

  •  Mid-2000, Seek construction bids.
  •  Fall 2000, Begin demolition and construction work.
  •  Jan. 1, 2002, Station will be handicapped accessible.
  •  Summer 2002, Construction completed.

What is planned:

RTA already owns land on the west side of the overpass on Brookpark Road. During construction work, a temporary station and platform is being planned for the west side of the overpass. There are several possibilities, and exact details are still being developed, Goodworth says.

Work includes demolishing the current station, and rebuilding the tunnel to the rail platform. The new station will include:

  • A canopy over the sidewalk, with decorative metal ornamental shielding on the columns supporting the canopy.
  • American contemporary architecture, "which suits the neighborhood," Goodworth says, "because it combines people, movement and flight."
  • Artwork and piped-in music in a climate-controlled waiting area for up to 50 people.
  • New drains and plumbing.
  • A roof that allows filtered sunlight through "clevestory" windows (these allow sunlight in but are placed at levels too high for viewing).
  • A vendor area, so that a restaurant and snack bar may be added later.
  • Improved landscaping and more trees and shrubs.
  • Better bus lanes for layover and access to the station.

The parking lot will be repaved. Some 35 existing light poles will be replaced at Brookpark and Puritas stations, and they will make those lots 50 percent lighter. Four safety "call boxes" will also be added to the parking lot at Brookpark, providing riders with direct access to Transit Police.

The Brook Park Planning Commission has approved work on the station, because most of the work is within the Brook Park City limits.

Three goals:

"We had three goals in designing this project," Goodworth says.

  1. "We wanted our riders to feel safe, whether they are on the platform, inside the station, or in the parking lot."
  2. "We want people to be able to use the facility in a timely manner."
  3. "We wanted their experience to be one of comfort. We are providing safe, warm, clean and convenient surroundings, so that our customers enjoy the experience of using Rapid transit."

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