Brookpark Rapid Station construction begins with tunnel demolition

 Brookpark Rapid Station construction begins with tunnel demolition

Jul 16, 2015

CLEVELAND -- On July 20, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will begin construction on the Brookpark Rapid Station by demolishing the tunnel that connects the east parking lot to the west lot. The west lot is where customers access the stairway or elevator to the rail platform.

To reach the west lot, customers need to walk from the east side to the west side via a new sidewalk that has been built along Brookpark Road. RTA has also installed stairs, underpass lights, and a wooden barrier along the sidewalk to protect customers from vehicles and highway splashing. The new sidewalk will be in use during the entire construction process.

Handicapped parking will be removed from the east parking lot, but will remain in the west parking lot.

Rapid customers can also use two nearby stations – Puritas and Triskett. Each has excess parking capacity.

The new $11.3 million facility is expected to open in mid-2016. RTA’s goal is to keep the station open during construction.

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