Oct. 18, 2017: TSA to conduct security exercises at RTA's Triskett Station

 Oct. 18, 2017: TSA to conduct security exercises at RTA's Triskett Station

Oct 11, 2017

CLEVELAND – The Transportation Security Administration will conduct a series of security exercises at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Triskett Station Oct. 18, in conjunction with Cleveland Division of Police, Cleveland Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and other first responders.

The station will remain open during the one hour drill, which is at noon. Residents in the immediate area should not be alarmed if they see emergency vehicles during the exercise set up, beginning at 9 a.m., or hear noises associated with the exercises.

The training will offer Transit Police and their K-9 units, the Cleveland EMS, Division of Police and the Cleveland Bomb Squad, and the Cuyahoga County Sherriff’s Office the opportunity to experience and respond to scenarios in and around the station. This training exercise will strengthen security plans, test emergency procedures and sharpen skills in incident management.

“We continually seek to be prepared and vigilant for any situation that may arise,” said RTA CEO and General Manager Joe Calabrese.

“This is a valuable opportunity to partner with like-minded public safety agencies to enhance our training, test our capabilities, and develop best practices for any incident that may arise,” he said.

Members of the media will not be permitted within the exercise perimeter to photograph or video the drill in progress.

Agencies participating in the exercises include the Transportation Security Administration, RTA staff and Transit Police, Cleveland Bomb Squad, the Cleveland EMS and Division of Police, and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office.

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