Sep 1, 2015
Two BRT vehicles serve Public Square.

CLEVELAND -- Crime is down at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA). That was the message the Board of Trustees heard today during the Safety and Security Committee meeting.

When comparing the first six months of 2015 with the first six months of 2014, both serious crime and "quality of life" crime is down, Transit Police Chief John P. Joyce said.The presence of video surveillance cameras is playing a key role in deterring crime and in the ability for Transit Police to quickly apprehend criminals.

One of the key improvements came in thefts of cell phone devices, which dropped from 98 in 2014 to 48 in 2015.

Chief Joyce encouraged all transit customers to take pro-active steps in protecting their mobile devices. He suggested customers can find worthwhile tips on-line at the FCC and here. The full Transit Police PowerPoint presentation can be found below.

In other action today, Board Committees:

Safety and Security Committee

Planning and Development Committee

Committee of the Whole

Finance Committee


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