Paratransit appeals process

The ADA requires that transportation providers establish a process for persons to appeal decisions if they are denied access to Paratransit service.

RTA has established an appeals procedure for persons whose applications for Paratransit eligibility are denied or for persons who have received suspension notices for other reasons.

An individual may file an appeal when RTA denies Paratransit service for:

  • Denial of eligibility
  • Suspension resulting from excessive No-Shows or Cancellations
  • Suspension for Disruptive Behavior

The appeals process

RTA will inform an applicant or current customer of a decision to deny eligibility status or to suspend service by letter.

Requests to appeal a denial of eligibility must be received within 30 days of the date on the eligibility denial letter. Requests to appeal a suspension must be received within 30 calendar days of the date of the notice of suspension letter.

Requests for an appeal must be sent in writing to the ADA Administrative Appeals Committee at the following address:

Manager, EEO & ADA Programs
Attn: ADA Appeal Request
RTA Office of Equal Opportunity
1240 West Sixth St.
Cleveland, OH 44113

Once the request for an appeal is received, it will be reviewed by an Appeals Committee that meets once a month. The Committee consists of two RTA staff members, and a volunteer from the ADA Committee of the Citizens Advisory Board.

The Appeals Committee will issue a final written decision within 30 days of the appeal hearing. The decisions of the Appeals Committee shall be final.

RTA is not required to provide service to persons pursuing an eligibility appeal. However, if the Appeals Committee has not made a decision within 30 days after the hearing, temporary service will be provided. This temporary service will continue until a decision on the appeal is reached.

Persons requesting an appeal will be notified in writing of the time, date and location of the appeal hearing. They are encouraged to attend the appeal hearing, although attendance is not mandatory. If persons requesting appeals cannot attend, they may request a telephone interview or have another person(s) represent them at the hearing. If the individual or a designated representative is not present at the appeal hearing, the Appeals Committee decision will be based on the documentation submitted. All copies of the appellants' application and all supporting materials used in the appeals process remain confidential.

Upon appeal for a No-Show or Cancellation suspension, Paratransit service will be provided pending the appeal; suspension of service will not begin until the appeals process is complete. If a decision is not made within 30 days of the completion of the appeal hearing, the person appealing the suspension shall be granted service until a final decision has been reached.

Questions about appeals

If you have questions about your right to appeal, call the RTA Customer Service Center, 216-621-9500.