66R Replacement Bus between Airport and Tower City

 66R Replacement Bus between Airport and Tower City


On Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3, 2023, Red Line rail service will be replaced with 66R buses between Tower City and Airport Stations due to multiple projects, including the inspection of the truss bridge over the Cuyahoga River and work at the W 117 substation.

66R buses will not stop at the W. 25 - Ohio City and W. 65 - Lorain Stations. Customers of these stations are advised to use the #22 Lorain bus route, or another nearby route. There are 66R stops at W 25 - Detroit and W 65- Detroit for your convenience.

The stop for the Airport is in the Ground Transportation Center, located between the Terminal and the Smart Parking Garage. The stop for Tower City is located on West Prospect at W 3.

Please look for the special orange 66R bus stop signs.

66R buses will operate every 30 minutes between Tower City and the Airport.

Red Line rail service between Tower City and Windermere Stations will operate according to the regular Saturday/Sunday schedule.

Full Red Line rail service will resume with the start of service on Monday, December 4, 2023.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while this necessary work is being completed.

Routes Affected