Public engagement for system redesign concepts continues

Now through the end of October, RTA encourages all Greater Clevelanders to participate in the community engagement program for the System Redesign Study.

Oct 9, 2019

Only a few weeks remain in the final community engagement phase of the Authority’s System Redesign study. The study is being led by Jarrett Walker + Associates, an industry leader in designing transit networks. Their goal is to help our community determine our collective transit priorities and make recommendations consistent with those priorities. The study began in February, and has incorporated significant community engagement throughout. As the consultant closes in on their final recommendations, the opinions of the community are extremely important.

First and foremost, riders and non-riders alike are asked to complete the final system redesign survey. Specifically, the project team is seeking comment on two final service design concepts, one based on current funding levels and the second assuming a 25% increase in service hours.  To better understand the impact each of these concepts have on an individual’s transit access, an online tool is now available to help respondents see how far they can travel on RTA within a 45, 60, 75, or 90 minute time period, and how each of the concepts compares with the existing system. A person need only enter or select a point on the map, and the tool vidually displays the results.

Additionally, a number of community meetings are scheduled now through the end of the October.  At these engagement sessions, Greater Clevelanders have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with RTA staff to discuss the study, as well as assess the final two system concepts.

The consultant’s final report is due in December.  All are encouraged to participate in this process. Let your voice be heard!

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